Warehouse management

Frigorifico Andino S.A Warehouse management

Cold store with Warehouse Management System

During the storage period, we keep a close eye on your product. The temperature of the storage cells is monitored continuously by a digital registration and monitoring system that reports all deviations via the alarm system. Because of this, we can always timely react on deviations in the storage temperature, also outside of office hours.

24 hours per day alarm system

All cooling and refrigerating systems are connected to the alarm system as well, because of which all technical disruptions are reported 24 hours per day as well. The installer is contractually obligated to timely remedy the disruptions.

VB14N-T Barcode Scanner | Identification in Deep-freeze Warehouses | Food  Industry

Warehouse Management System


Our WMS (warehouse management system) provides you and us at all time with an overview of the status of the stock as well as all mutations. All packing bearers are assigned a barcode and a unique location upon arrival.

If desired, each box can be scanned, because of which tracking and tracing up to box level constitutes no problem to us. Exchanging electronic data is one of the options.