Company Overview

Since Frigorifico Andino SA establishment, we concentrated on the Chile's market. Today we are one of the Chiles' largest exporter of meat and meat products to the most quality-conscious markets in the world which guarantees an unrelenting focus on quality and food safety (EEC, China , Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Korea , Hong Kong , Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore , EU, UAE and many other country worldwide), Moreover we deliver to retail, industry, wholesale suppliers, food service distributors, caterers and cash & carry companies Throughout the world.
Establishment Number: (13-19)
RUT: 96,887,360-1

Responsibility, commitment and trust

Frigorifico Andino SA  ambition is to be recognized as the leader in meat processing, trading and distribution in the international market. We invest our time, money and efforts into production, Warehousing, cold stores, logistics, quality assurance and marketing with the aim to keep expanding to national & international markets.

At Frigorifico Andino, quality is paramount. Our mission is to deliver tender and perfectly trimmed products, packaged and delivered according to the customer’s wishes. 

We won’t settle for anything but the highest quality in all our meat products. That’s why we own and operate our Frigorifico Andino in-house lab. Having our own lab means we can test more accurately, more rapidly, and gives us the ability to evaluate the quality of a raw material before production even begins. Third-party testing provides verification that we are doing our job well and accurately. It’s just another part of our commitment to food safety and outstanding quality.

Personal Relationships and Service

Our team of experienced and trusted Sales Representatives provide product solutions to a diverse mix of customers, ranging from large to small. We serve as the Meat service Supplier & distributor for businesses all throughout the world.

We have established and retained customers for decades, thanks to the importance we place on making personal relationships built on trust and integrity. We believe this sets us apart from other Meat service distributors.



Timely and Accurate Deliveries

Our fleet of Meat service distributor trucks and our centrally-based Santiago hub ensure fast acquisition of the products you require. We have a team of friendly, professional drivers and pride ourselves on our prompt weekly meat service distribution to businesses all over the world with ease.

Our warehouse personnel use the latest in inventory and voice technology to ensure your orders are accurate and damage-free. Our professional and courteous drivers provide deliveries safely and on time, thanks in part to this technology.

pork meat processing plant

Focus and Dedicated to quality!!!

We apply a clear quality policy to meet the BRC Food Safety Standard and the requirements for a safe and healthy working environment:

  • Maintaining and improving the BRC standard.
  • Production of all our products according to GHP,GMP and HACCP.
  • Continuous modernisation and improvement of our machinery, equipment, buildings and production halls.
  • Permanent monitoring of all parameters relevant to food safety and quality during the production process.
  • Effective internal and external communications between factory departments and our customers.
  • Implementation of quality policy in the factory is regularly monitored by internal audits and management reviews.
  • Participation of employees in trainings to ensure the systematic improvement of their skills according to food safety standards.
  • Since June 1999 we also have an IFS certificate at Higher level.


We respect every individual we encounter whether employee, customer, supplier, or stranger, including diverse points of view.


We continually improve the services & products we offer & the means to deliver them.


We encourage and require constant and clear communication among all members of our organization

Let Frigorifico Andino Know How We Can Better Serve You

Our professional and courteous team of Sales Representatives are standing by to walk you through the ordering process and accommodate your business in any way possible. We are a task-oriented food service distributor with unmatched integration of technology and service. 

Whether you are starting a brand-new business or simply looking for a change, let Frigorifico Andino show you what hundreds of international based businesses already know. Call one of our representatives +56 41 2565438
or contact us online for a quote request.